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Cooking The French Way!

Welcome to our website about French Cooking. We share with you great information on French Cooking, French Wine, and French Cheeses. One of the primary aspects of French cooking is to take time to appreciate your meal.

This book is recommended for all those who are modestly experienced at cooking. Almost all of the recipes are genuinely easy. They are the recipes that the chef cooks at home on a regular basis.

The book mixes a selection of classics like coleslaw and Salad Caprese with other unusual recipes such as Parsley and Pumpkin Salad and Asian eggplant salad. The recipes are original and easy to prepare.

The recipes in the book follow two trends which almost all books relating to fast cooking do. Firstly, the recipes require a modest amount of skill and a fairly well equipped kitchen. Stuff such as a food mill, a mandoline or Japanese slicer, a stick blender and a food processor are assumed to be present in your kitchen. Secondly, most dishes use foods that cook quickly such as seafood, chicken breast, filets or beef.

The book is based on the PBS series shows. It starts with several pages of menu selections. This is followed by a section titled ‘More ideas for quick dishes’, which is a collection of 25 mini-recipes. All the mini recipes can be prepared very quickly with just the basic skills and the right ingredients.

The other sections of the book cover traditional topics such as:

Appetizers and first courses with 16 topics covering very easy recipes which mainly include fish, beans, cheeses and ham. If you don’t like spicy food, be careful with the instructions in the book. Jacques, the author generally likes his food spicy.
Soups with 7 topics covering some of the fastest soup recipes which I couldn’t ever believe.
Eggs with 4 different styles making this fast food staple much more interesting.
Salads which is the beginning of every meal. There are 11 different recipes including a good coleslaw and recipe for herbed breadcrumbs.
Vegetables including ragouts, gratins, purees, relishes, sautés and chutneys. Most of the 16 recipes come from the French and Italian cuisine.
Rice, potatoes and pasta section has 7 varieties which is the low carbohydrate danger zone. It includes the recipe for ‘Wanton Cannelloni’.
Fish and shellfish in just no time with lots of stuffing, grilling, glazing and saucing. Using an electric indoor grills is recommended.
Desserts, happens to be my favorite sections. Baking and chocolate recipes always takes longer than similar savory recipes. This is because you need to be more careful in your measuring and mixing techniques.

This book can be your rescuer when you have sudden guests coming over. You can prepare everything from the salads and appetizers to the main course and desserts with the help of these quick and easy recipes. The book really helped me!